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How do you do this?

So my last post was on the perler bead thingies I sell.

Yet how do you make them?

1: Buy these things:

-perler beads

-perler bead pegboard

-parchment paper

2: Put the beads on the pegboard, like this


3: Put the parchment paper on the pegboard. (with beads on it)

4: Iron it in circles, for 30 seconds.

5: There you go!

i so wanna make that


P.S. These are pictures from Google Images. I DID NOT make these. I make simpler versions of Mario:



That’s what I make.

I just love this pic…





Just how much do I love this pineapple?

I love it so much that it’s the wallpaper on my computer.

I printed it out too.

I put it everywhere.

I saved it on all the computers in our house.

It is the avatar of my WordPress account.

But I don’t love Spongebob.

This one is pretty cute though…